Office Politics: She will Get her Dick in You & You will Give in 2 her

It’s the end of the intern season and everyone is begging for their reference letters to be signed. It’s so bad, that Jessy decides to use her power for her own thrills and make her little intern hottie beg with his body instead of his mouth.

She ties him up and reveals her nice hard dick which he does NOT want to suck. But it doesn’t matter what he wants. It matters what she wants and Jessy makes that very clear with her missile dick as she plows his ass and mouth. The cum shots say it all – the big load shoots out of Jessy dick and all over her man!

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Venus Lux gives an anal cream pie to a cocky professional athlete!

Venus is the PR manager for a rookie professional athlete that can NOT keep his fool mouth shut. She’s tried everything – coaching, an ear piece to whisper answers, role play, everything and he still can not get it right with the press.
Since his mouth isn’t working for PR, she figures it may as well work the the PR manager. She seduces him, getting him all riled up and horny. Showing him how to lick her ass and then, showing him how to suck her hard cock. He’s eyes grow wide but his cock stiffens – she knows he wants it and she guides him through the ass fucking like a rookie at spring training!

She even lets him fuck her ass – a RARE switch scene moment for Venus. All the slow, steady sex has built up Venus’ load to a dangerously high amount and while fucking him bent over the couch, she explodes in his ass – you can see her cock throbbing out every thick ounce of cum her hard shaft can funnel into his asshole. When she pulls out her cum squirts and leaks out of his ass for several seconds! This is the hottest anal cream pie ever seen on TsSeduction – we forgive you for fast forwarding over the hot sex to watch the pop shot.

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The famous Yasmin Lee is back to in this action packed shoot featuring Yasmin in her athletic glory chasing down a poacher in the California Wilds. If you thought her cock is impressive wait until you see her jump over a five foot fallen log and bag her prey. Hmm, maybe we have that backwards – either way every inch of Yasmin is exciting to watch

A tense chase scene, hot sex, foot worship, dominating blow jobs and the seductive power of Yasmin Lee and her eight inch cock. We are also excited to announce, that we have four other shoots coming up with the incredibly hot, sexy talented Yasmin Lee. All shoots are feature updates with the high production quality that you can only find here at

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The First EVER TS GANG BANG on – The Gangster Gangbang presents a feature shoot starring Jessica Fox, Jessy Dubai, Honey Foxxx gangbanging Sebastian Keys and mouth fucking newcomer, Jimmy Bullet. This shoot is the first ever gangbang on TsSeduction and it is incredible. The best thing about a TsSeduction gangbang is that everyone gets fucked – the Ts women fuck each other and they all tear up their man meat, cumming all over his backside. Be forewarned – if you think about this shoot after you watch it, you are likely to get a boner in public just reminiscing about the sex and the hard cocks of these fine ladies.

The sleepy hollow of Landsend, New York is the perfect place for hustlers – the port access, the unsuspecting community of soccer moms and commuters, cheap waterfront property and above all, small time cops. Cops that are looking to make a bust big enough to get them noticed, get them promoted to the NYPD. The Queen Pins in this operation certainly do not fear the local police – they fear no one. They have heat of their own tucked away in the panties. When the two green cops try and bust into the warehouse fortress, the women barely care. All they can see is a new asshole to fuck, a new backside to cum all over. The cops’ botched attempted at arresting these big time criminals ends with them both cuffed and giving up their holes for the taking.

Honey with her massive cock fucks everyone, Jessy with her sexy dominating style cums all over the face of one cop and all over the backside of the other. And Jessica Fox shows her horny self off in hot fashion as she anchors the double anal penetration and sucks all the girls cocks. It’s a palooza of sex and so hot and complicated and involved, that you can watch this update 100 times and still see something different.

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Three cum shots – two from Her Cock

Jaquelin Braxton is a Dominating Storm. She is the Dom Vortex!
She rips into her submissive, tied up slave with cock hunger fever. She gets his dick out, sucks it down until she has him completely hard and begging to cum. He wishes he was that lucky. He wishes he could have that pleasure without first going through the pain.

Jaquelin cums quickly from fucking his ass, but she is not done. She is no where near done. She flips him over and fucks him again – this time longer than before. Jaquelin likes her little toy so much, she wants to savour every minute of fucking, every minute of his mouth, every minute of his submission. When she cums again, she explodes all over him and when she gives the final yes and allows him to orgasm, he cums thick, big lines of cum all over Jaquelin’s ass. It’s an amazing tease and denial scene with Jaquelin Braxton showing off her Domination skills.

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TS Natassia Dream & Robert Axel in The Prelude to "Super Soldier"

When you break the law so well, you do not go to jail, you go to the US Military. Robert Axel is a highly skilled, some would say mad, doctor. His practice of memory implantation is highly illegal and highly coveted by Military.
When he is brought to justice for his experiments on humans, he does not get sentenced, instead he is sent to a secret weapons branch of the US Military where Natassia is assigned to his case.

Her mission is to break him down until he realizes his only option is to work for the government. His only route to survival is teach the military the secret to MMT – Memory Manipulation Therapy. Robert, when he finally gives in, will create the perfect military weapon. He will create, The Super Soldier.

After months of solitude and grilling hours of interrogation, Robert and Natassia, have grown a silent, tense bound. One that is so strong, as soon as he agrees to work for the government, Natassia sends the guards home and the two rip into each other with passion and urgency. She lets Robert rip her clothes off before she dives at his hard cock, swallowing it with a fierce hunger. When she finally reveals her own cock he can only stare for a quick minute before she rams it into his ass with a fever pitch. She fucks him and fucks him, milks his cock until he explodes and just seeing his load shoot out of his dick, makes her cum her own load all over him. This update is the prelude to TsSeduction’s upcoming feature movie “Super Soldier: The Invincible and The Invisible” starring Yasmin Lee, Robert Axel, Marcus Ruhl and Beretta James.

When you are above the law, you do not go to jail, you go to weapons training…

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Jerking Off in your Room – Are you sure no one is watching?

Kendra has just moved into the a new apartment with two other guys. She’s the only girl and but that doesn’t bother her. She’s just happy to have an apartment and a relatively clean bathroom.

In an attempt to be a good, new roomie, she decides to ask John if he needs anything from the store. When she approaches his door she, the sounds of plastic and pounding stop her in her tracks. She peers through the crack and sees John, grinding away on a real doll. He is fucking it so hard, he cums all over it. But that’s not all – then he takes the blind fold off the doll and gets a big cock out to shove up his ass. That’s the moment when Kendra interrupts and uses her secret knowledge to torment John.

All the jerking off and watching John cum, has got her cock growing in her panties.

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Bartender will Help you Forget Ur Troubles by Making you Suck Her Cock

Honey Foxxx has one of THE BIGGEST COCKS in the business and we are extatic to have her back on

Empty bars on holidays can be just the place to drowned your troubles and even seek a little lonely company. Honey can see the easy pickings sitting in front of her just as clearly as she can see the empty bar that surrounds him. She uses her sex appeal and bartenderly trust to convince him to forget his troubles a different way.
He can not resist her offer for a blowjob. She puts his cock in her mouth and teases and teases his dick with her mouth. It’s time for him to know just how deep this rabbit holes goes, however, and so Honey slowly unloads her thick, HUGE cock onto his lap. Honey’s cock comes out of her panties with a thump!

He can not resist because he doesn’t want to – he wants her big dick up his ass and in his mouth. He wants to feel her stretch him out and milk his prostate with her dick until cum flows out of him uncontrollably. When she’s done, she sends him home, with the memory of her big cock stretching him out and the sticky feeling of dried cum on his ass.

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Hot for Teacher: She has a cock and you are not afraid!

Sexy temptress, Jaquelin Braxton, seducing her student in one of the most genuine, intimate and hot take downs scenes on this site. Our brand new male talent slowly follows her lead, his big eyes getting even bigger as Jaquelin fills his mouth with her hard cock.

Our rookie gets his ass pummeled, his dick milked and rode in a rare switch scene, takes two of Jaquelin’s load before being allowed to cum himself.

Jaquelin Braxton is quickly becoming one of the top Ts Doms on the net.

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First Date Fireworks – Ravaging Sex, Switch Fucking & Cum flying!

Jessy Dubui takes Sebastian home and fucks his brains out with her hard, killer cock. She takes no mercy on his ass, shoving her fist inside it and pumping him while her cock stays rock hard from the excitement of fisting this hot guy. She is in controll the entire time – even when she rides his cock, which works only to satisfy Jessy desire to get fucked as hard as she gives a fucking.
Of course Sebastian can not keep up the way Jessy likes it so she turns him back over and finishes both of them off with shooting cum loads that clear the bed!

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TS Jessica Fox & Bella Rossi Fuck the daylights out of a Cocky Gym Rat

Jessica and Bella hatch a pay back plan on a creepy gym guy who constantly hits out on them in their local gym.
He’s condescending and obnoxious with an attitude that white guy attitude that completely erases the hotness of his muscles.

The girls have had enough, it’s time for the gym rat to get his ass reamed by Jessica’s hidden cock and Bella’s bootylicious ass!
With wrestling moves and crazy strengthen that Eli does not even think girls could possess, Bella pins him to the bed while Jessica ties his legs and arms with skipping ropes. Then Jessica rams her cock all the way into his ass and he screams through the choke hold Bella has on his neck. It is ON. This feature threesome is full of hard cock double pounding – Jessica’s dick fucking Eli’s ass while Eli’s hard cock is in Bella’s pussy moving with every thrust of Jessica’s hips. Eli is a rag doll for these girls as they use him like a sweat towel! He is made to cum twice and Jessica shoots a load all the way up Bella’s body! And of course, sexy Bella has epic, leg shaking orgasms.

The whole update ends with a skipping rope up Eli’s ass! This gym lesson is over!

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Macho construction worker shooting off his mouth about how girls in the Armory should just suck his dick, gets his pay back when Jaquelin tricks him into letting her tie him up before she whips out her cock! It’s payback time. He screams and she doesn’t care. Oh wait, what’s this – his dick is hard. Scream as loud as you like, everyone will just think it’s a scene in the upper floor bathroom. She makes him cum all over her cock and the point of no return is reached! This jerk is all hers.

Jaquelin uses every inch of him until she make him jack her load right onto his own tongue!

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Sofia Sanders Fucks Her Little Tied up Pig Boy

Welcome back the sexy, Latina hottie, Sofia Saunders.

Sofia takes her time teasing her little pig boy until his cock drips with pre-cum. She fingers his ass, jerks his cock and straddles his face with her luscious ass. She leans down close and puts her own hard, thick cock to his lips. He kisses her cock. This is the last time he will take a calm breath.

Sofia is a powerhouse of a Dom, she fucks fast and hard with every inch of her stiff cock. She spins around in his ass and fucks him in a reverse pile driver – a move that can not be explained in words – that needs to be seen!

Sofia jerks every drop out of his cock while fucking him and pulls out with an explosive load of her own.

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Beg for a Take Down. Beg. Ts Ms. Toya and her cop cock.

Toya and Sebastian are more than just under cover cops – they have been secretly dating and the tension is starting to get to Toya. She wants to expose their affair and face the consequences of a departmental romance with her boss. But Sebastian is up for a promotion and doesn’t want to risk being turned down and reprimanded. He claims that he’s not ready to tell everyone because he wants the sex to be more exciting before he fully commits to her – this lame excuse gets him ambushed and punished by a pissed off Toya.
In the darken hotel room, Toya takes her boyfriend by surprise, tackling him and pinning him to the bed. She puts a hood on his head and doesn’t let him see her until she is cumming all over his face. Her black dick is long hard and fills his white ass up to the brim. He begs but she doesn’t care. His hard cock is all the permission she needs to keep going. And in the end, she dumps him for being a jerk. The take away? Don’t mess with Ms. Toya and her big, black cock!

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Late Night Sex Radio Call Mystery Caller Becomes Real Life Sex Date

Tyra Scott is known as the Madam of the AM airways, dolling out sex positive advise to her loyal following. She’s like Dr. Ruth only better. Alex is long time fan and regular on her show. The two have a special bond even though they have never met.
Tonight they take their usual phone sex call all the way and agree to meet. Alex is finally going to learn he wasn’t the only one stroking a cock during their heavy phone sex calls.
The chemistry is electric and Alex’s cock is stiff with excitement from the minute he meets Tyra. The two kiss and grope on his bed until he finds her cock. It’s dead silent. Tyra, being the top she is, just flips Alex over and makes him take her cock into his mouth.

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Happy New Year -You’re Going to HELL with Yasmin Lee & her 8 inch COCK

Break enough rules and the devil comes for you. Marcus falls from grace right into the clutches of super horny, mega-hottie, Yasmin Lee. There is NO stopping Yasmin and she fucks like a wild beast. Right from the start, Yasmin has Marcus pinned and is nailing his ass.
She cums her trademark massive load all over his face and when the chains come to bind him to hell forever, he does little to resist. For if every night is like this night, hell doesn’t look so bad.

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Hot Huge Cock Sex in an Elevator with TS Honey FoXXX

Do you want to come on her panties. What if you are so turned on and so close to cumming that when she pulls back her panties and her HUGE cock springs out, you still keep jacking your dick and then you come all over hers. Who cares – it’s Christmas and you are stuck in a fucking elevator and this hot girl is going to blow you if you blow hers. Why not? And when she slides her thick, massive cock up inside your tight ass you will feel a whole other world of sensations and cum again. Your own hard dick n olonger doing what you want, but instead, doing exactly what she wants.

And yes, Honey MotherFucking Foxxx is back.

What better way to celebrate than with two people trapped in a small freight elevator, made to pass the time by having hot sex and cumming everywhere.

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Blink and Your Ass is full of her cock – Vaniity the Mighty.

She’s a ma-neater and there is no stopping Vaniity and her amazing cock. She fucks our brand new guy into oblivion. He can barely keep up and Vaniity does not care. She fucks like she trying to hit is tonsils through his ass hole.

Her ever hard cock finds its way up our rookie’s ass, into his mouth and when she cums it’s a big load all over his sensitive dick.

There is no denying Vaniity and our rook does a good job trying to please her but in the end all he can do is hold his ankles and pray.

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Female Body Building Competition Stalker Ass Fucked for being Creepy

Amateur female bodybuilding contestants, Ariel X and Natassia are in a dead heat for victory. The crowd is small but intense with one particular fan cheering the loudest. He is the super fan of Natassia Dreams and his obsession borders on stalking.
When he sneaks into the changing room after the show, Natassia has had enough. She tricks him into rubbing her shoulders until the moment is just right for her to bounce on his scrawny frame.
She eats him alive and when he finds out she has a cock his surprise leads to terror when he realizes she is going to shove it up his ass while flexing in her trademark double bicep stance. His fantasy is more than real and he feels every inch of her as she rocks his arse and mouth. She even gives him a good spanking while he bends over waiting for her cock. Hot damn, we LOVE it when Natassia comes to town!

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TsSeduction Bondage Switch Scene: First Him, Then Her, Then Him Again!

Jessy Dubai is unstoppable. She is smokin hot, unbelievable seductive and so good at fucking she can cum and get hard again and fuck some more!

In this seduction scene, Jessy teases her co-worker getting him so riled up he obeys and follows her home after work.

They get to bed fast, clothes flying off, wild kissing, his hard cock out and in her hot mouth within minutes. She’s so good at turning him on, it’s like a steep slide with no return. Patrick lets Jessy tie him up because the way she is sucking his cock is like a trust tree hand shake. What could possibly go wrong with letting a total stranger tie you up? Nothing, expect now you must obey and take her cock in every hole she wants.

Jessy fucks her tied up man while he screams. She gags him with the pillow, she grinds deeply into his ass making him whale until his ass relaxes into her pounding.

The sex is so hot, Jessy decides to let Patrick tie her up. In a rare switch scene, Jessy tops from the bottom and cums all over herself and the rope as he fucks her ass. But it AIN’T over yet! Jessy is hard again within minutes and back fucking Patrick’s ass until he explodes.

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